BSCB Policies and Procedures

BSCB Local Procedures

>Thresholds of Needs Guidance May 2017
> Bromley Threshold of Need Quick Guide
> Bromley Continuum of Need diagram 2017

> BSCB Multi Agency Neglect Strategy 2018
> BSCB Neglect Toolbox 2018

> Bromley Vulnerable Adolescents Strategy 2017
> Bromley FGM Guidance and Protocol 2018 and flowchart 2018
> Bromley Missing Children Protocol - 2017
> Children Missing Education Policy and Procedure 2017
> Bromley Child Sexual Exploitation Protocol - 2017
> Bromley Safeguarding Children Affected by Gang Activity/Serious Youth Violence Protocol
> Bromley Prevent Strategy and Channel process - 2017

> Information Sharing Protocol 2017
> Cross Govt Information Sharing letter and directive

> Escalation Policy for resolving inter-agency professional disputes. 2017

> Multi agency Strategy Discussions Protocol 2017

BSCB Social Media Policies:
> Safeguarding in the Context of Access to Technology and Use of Social Media 2017
> HANDBOOK Safeguarding in the Context of Access to Technology and Use of Social Media 2017
> Appropriate Use of Social Media by Safeguarding Professionals 2017
> Authorised Use of BSCB Official Social Media Accounts 2017

> Faith groups - Safe and Secure Guidance
> BSCB Protocol Substance Misusing Parents 2018
> Bromley Parental or Carer Mental Ill Health Procedure Oct 2016
> Domestic Violence Risk Assessment Matrix- Barnados 2013

Managing Allegations - Please see the Managing Allegations Against Adults page for guidance and local procedure.

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