Learning Resources and Events

The BSCP and its partners are committed to ensuring learning and improvement takes place. We strive to build a better Bromley for our children and young people by listening to children, young people and their families, learning from professional practice and taking a lead on change. This involves developing a culture of reflective practice, through sharing best practice to promote a growing understanding of what works well and rigorous analysis when things go wrong.

We learn through conducting multi-agency learning reviews, including Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (formerly Serious Case Reviews), through auditing, user and staff feedback, inspection and safeguarding reports, evaluations, and performance data and intelligence.

We hold seminars and lunchtime briefings to share learning with staff and hold a large annual conference every autumn. Presentations and papers from these events are available below. Learning is embedded in to our training courses and policies and procedures. We also share learning through our App 'push notifications' and our videos.


For current training and learning events, visit the Training Programme page. Learning from past events is shared in the sections below.

Trauma and the Effects on Executive Function and CYP Behaviour

This lunchtime learning session was presented by Dr Da vid Osoba, Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician at Bromley Healthcare. A recording and links to handouts can be found at the bottom of the Training Programme webpage.

Medical Neglect with a focus on unmanaged childhood diabetes

This lunchtime learning session was presented by Zoe Lane, Associate Director of Nursing for Safeguarding Children and Maternity Services, Kings College Hospital. A recording and handouts can be found at the bottom of the Training Programme webpage.

Transitional Safeguarding Workshop

The workshop was led by Dez Holmes, the Director of Research In Practice (RIP) and Research In Practice for Adults (RIPfA). RIP/RIPfA champions evidence-informed practice across the children’s and adults social care sector in order to improve outcomes for children, young people, adults requiring support, and their families and carers. It aims to bridge the gaps between research, practice and service users’ lived experiences to improve practice.
> Transitional Safeguarding Workshop Presentation

BSCP Early Intervention Mini Conference 2019

Our speakers were Susan Pawlby Senior Research Fellow - Kings College London, Daisy Kelly Specialist Midwife for Perinatal Mental Health, Kuljit Hunjan, Helen Minnis Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - University of Glasgow, Udita Iyengar London Trial Manager, Sarah Aldridge Early Years Improvement Officer and Deborah Cole Team Manager. PDF versions of the presentations are below:
> Susan Pawlby Impact of Early Years
> Perinatal Mental Health Kings College Hospital
> Oxleas Perinatal - Early Intervention Conference
> ACEs and neurodevelopment
> BEST Trial presentation
> LBB Early Years Team presentation
> LBB Early Intervention and Family Services presentation

BSCB Annual Conference 2018

Our Annual Conference 2018 topic was Vulnerable Adolescents and Pathways to Harm. Our speakers were Dr Jenny Lloyd, Noel Willliams, Ineqe, Papyrus, Bromley Youth Council, and Jim Gamble shared learning from recent Serious Case Reviews. PDF versions of the presentations are below:
> Contextual Safeguarding presentation Dr Jenny Lloyd
> Noel Williams
> Papyrus Suicide Awareness
> Bromley Youth Council - young people's priorities 2018
> BSCB Annual Conference 2018 flyer

Understanding Safeguarding – Multi-Agency Partnership Events

Tens of multi-agency partnership events (MAPE) have now taken place for the children's workforce in Bromley. The programme was developed to address topical issues, gaps in knowledge, and any areas of concern raised by colleagues.

MAPE 1 Understanding Safeguarding

MAPE 2 Emerging Issues

MAPE 3 Aspirations for our CYP

Jim Gamble's video presentation for MAPE 2 can now be used by the children's workforce in team meetings across the partnership to share the messages from the BSCB in a dynamic, interactive way:

Previous Annual Conferences

The 2016 conference explained how our young people use the internet today. It addressed both the potential dangers and the benefits of growing up in a digital world. Presentations and key learning points of the day are available below.
> CEOP presentation highlights.pdf
> Pornography and young people-effect on body image and behaviour.pdf
> Bromley Changes Presentation on legal highs edited.pdf
> Prevent Presentation.pdf
> Bromley Youth Council Presentation.pptx
> Childnet presentation summary and links.docx
> WHAT YOU CAN DO TO SUPPORT CHILDREN TO KEEP SAFE ONLINE- key advice from BSCB conference 2016.pdf
> Predatory Offenders Unit Presentation edited version.pdf
> news release following BSCB conference for BSCB website.pdf

SCRs featuring neglect – Lunchtime Learning

This session enabled delegates to reflect on Serious Case Reviews from three areas where neglect featured. The focus was on balancing parental needs with the needs of the child and aimed to help those working with children and young people at any level to strengthen their practice and to enhance their management of cases.

SCR Briefing on Neglect July 2016.pptx


Below are the reports following the most recent multi-agency audit reports and learning materials:
> Serious Youth Violence audit 2023 Publication due July 2023
> FGM Pathway reaudit key findings 2022
> Strategy Meetings audit 2020
> Substance Misuse Multi Agency Audit Presentation 2018
> Multi Agency Audit 2017 Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
> CSE Audit Multi Agency Presentation 2017
> Multi agency audit on neglect cases which did not meet threshold May 2017
> Neglect Audit Multi Agency Presentation 2017