Children in Care

When you are ‘looked after’ this means the same as ‘being in care’. There are different ways you might come into care, for example this could be where it has been decided through the courts or where your parents have asked for help taking care of you. You might be in care for a short time (short term) or for a long time (long term). Other young people may go on to be adopted. It really depends on your own personal situation. If you have any questions please talk to your social worker, carer or key worker.

The LinkIn Bromley website has been designed by other young people to help you if you are being cared for away from home. When you are cared for away from home it can be very different. You may want to know what will happen and what it will be like. The website is packed with information, support and advice and has useful Welcome Packs for primary school aged children and secondary age young people which you can download.

The Bromley Pledge

The Bromley Pledge is a set of promises made by Bromley Council for children and young people in their care. The pledge was written with the help of the Living in Care Council (LinCC). LinCC (pronounced as Link) are a group of children and young people in care and care leavers, who are helping the adults who run services to understand what is important to you. This film was made by children and young people like you so that you can understand the promises that the Council makes to you.

The young film-makers said “We made this video for you because we think it is really important for you to know about the pledge and how it can help you. No matter where you are in life you should always know your rights and responsibilities.”

The pledge spells out how the Council promises to help you and what your rights are. A film about the pledge can be viewed below.

Please be aware that the Bromley Pledge was rewritten by the Living in Care Council in May 2015 and approved by your corporate parents. In the new pledge, there is no longer a promise for a bike as stated in the animation film.

For a full version of the Bromley Pledge, please click here.