We have a number of apps available for you.

Safer Schools

The Bromley Safer Schools App is now available free to all parents, grandparents and carers of children and young people who live in Bromley or attend school in Bromley, in addition to all professionals who work with children in Bromley.

The app is already used by over 5000 schools across the UK. It will cost you nothing to download to provide access to advice and guidance on making children and young people safer in the online world.

We know our children and young people are spending more time at home and using social media. The positive power of technology will help keep our community digitally connected but we also know that more time spent online by our children can lead to greater levels of risk.

The significance of this risk should not be underestimated and parents and carers need up-to-date, reliable information in order to protect their children. This app provides it.

Downloading the app

Decide which version to download. If you have both primary and secondary school age children, we’d suggest you download the secondary school version.

Simply follow the steps set out in the images or follow the instructions below:

Visit your usual app store (Google Play for android phones or App Store for Apple phones) and download the Safer Schools app.

Once downloaded you will need to scan the relevant QR code from the image or manually enter the 4 digit entry code to see the Bromley specific app.

The parent code for children of primary age is 7440 and the code for parent/carers of secondary aged children is 7675. See QR codes here.

For professionals, the primary school code is 3137 and the secondary school code is 6676. See QR codes here.

Make sure to allow push notifications to keep up to date with the very latest tips, advice and guidance on how to make your pupils safer.

For any queries and for further information and about the App please contact Safer Schools using the details below or using the blue live chat function on the bottom left hand side of website

· Safer Schools Partnership – 02896 005 777



Have you got our Private Fostering App? It means the information you need is never further than the smartphone in your pocket. Download it for free now via the iTunes or Google Play Store:




This free app is suitable for everyone in the Bromley children's workforce. Once downloaded, you have access to our key documents offline, in your pocket whenever you need to refer to them. It includes our Threshold of Needs Guidance, Escalation Policy and key information on what to do when managing an allegation about a professional (LADO cases). There are quick quizzes to test understanding and links to key news items and most importantly of all, to the ONLINE SAFETY CENTRE to ensure you are always up-to-date on current themes, trends and patterns in safeguarding.

Simply search 'Bromley safeguarding' in your app store. You will see our Bromley Safeguarding Children Partnership logo.

Bromley Permanency

This app is for carers in Bromley.